Monday, November 23, 2015

Easy Steps To Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

Many people complain that their house looks too small. So, I’ve come up with some advice to help you make small spaces appear a lot bigger!

Use Your Space Wisely

If you have a small surface area, don’t fill it with lots of stuff. Putting loads of things in a small area will only make it appear smaller. But, if you use the space wisely, you can make small spaces look a hell of a lot bigger. For example, instead of sticking a couple of sofas in the middle of a living room, get a corner sofa. You can place it on the side of the room, leaving plenty of space in the middle. At the end of the day, you’ll still end up with the same size sofa, but the room will feel a whole lot larger. The same can be said for coffee tables and other bits of furniture. Don’t buy a huge coffee table if you don’t have much space! Similarly, in the dining room, be wise with the space you have. Perhaps you need a small dining room table to create the illusion of more space. I also find that glass dining room tables help rooms look more spacious. Use this tip for every room in your home and you’ll get a lot more space out of it!

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Use Natural Lighting
I find that rooms will look a lot bigger when exposed to natural light. Letting in the sunshine can make a huge difference to the look of a room. If it’s dark and dimly lit, it tends to feel more closed off and small. But, if you open your blinds and let the light in, it feels a lot bigger. I think a lot of this is down to the fact that your windows are now exposed. Instead of being covered by curtains or blinds, they’re now free. So, you can look outside into the open space and it seemingly creates more space in the room. Like I said, you don’t feel as closed off as you would with the blinds drawn and no natural light. Plus, the light will illuminate certain areas of the room that may normally be in the shadows. It’s almost like you’re opening up new sections of your room and getting more space. I definitely find that natural lighting helps to make small spaces look way bigger than they used to.

Use Creative Storage Options Around The House

The biggest reason your home may appear small, on the inside, is because of clutter and mess. Having lots of things thrown about the place will make all your rooms look small. So, the best way to counter this is to store find storage for all this clutter. There are many ways you can make creative storage around your home. Take your stairs, for example. You can make build storage units into your stairs and start putting things there. This way, you have clutter out of the way and haven’t taken up any extra space. Your home will be far more spacious than it was before.

No one likes living in a cramped house. Which is why I’ve come up with these easy steps to help you get more out of your rooms. Soon, you’ll have a lot more space and be living comfortably!