Monday, November 2, 2015

Be Safe Than Sorry When Traveling Abroad

My co-worker had told me that he was going to Philippines next month... I asked him to be very careful as it is not safe for someone without any knowledge of the country that he/she is visiting to just, jump in the plane and visit the country. 

Philippines is a nice country with very friendly people. But, these days, you can't trust anybody regardless of how friendly they are. As a tourist, you need to be knowledgeable and be smart! From the time you step out of the airport, you have to know how to safety yourself from people who wants nothing but to rip you off! 

Sadly, there are many people like that at the airport. I advised my co-worker to get online, do as much research as he could before he travel to Philippines. He has no connection such as friends or relatives in Philippines that can protect him...

I saw online about this new operation going on, victimizing passengers at the airport about planting bullets to the passengers luggage... It is crazy!!!