Thursday, October 1, 2015

Work Schedule Fixed!

I have been working for 40 hours for the past 3 weeks since I was promoted to "FULL TIME" from "PART TIME" :)

As of the changing of my area, my assistant manager was changed too. When I checked my schedule for the 10th on that week one whole week was 34 hrs. only, it was not right!!! :(

So, had that in mind today. Had a talked to my assistant manager and we fixed it. I got 40 hrs. ;) And also, we fixed my time of availability. I was lucky that my assistant manager was so  approachable and understandable. :)

Therefore, today was a good day! :) Though, I missed one break with my BFF and the clock out with my BFF. I went to her area and she wasn't around. I asked some co-workers, they saw her but they said, she already left. :( Sad me.... :( Got to the parking lot, got in the truck and saw my BFF coming out from the door. I hollered at her and we chatted. So, we still saw each other.. Not really bad. She will not be working tomorrow and I will not be working Saturday.

We'll see each other on Sunday!!!!! :)