Monday, October 19, 2015

Winter Outfit Shopping!

Today, we went to the store to get myself some new jeans, boots and some sweaters, jackets and coats for the cold season. Unfortunately, we don't really have much time to spent today in shopping  for going from one store to the other store.

I have jeans that are still in excellent condition but I lost weight that the jeans I have are too big for me now.. On the bright side, I got 3 pairs of new jeans! :) When it comes to boots (fashion) I had no luck for I did not find the one. ( I AM SO PICKY!) :(

When it come to sweaters, I found one that I liked so I got that one but was planning of buying more. Later this week, we are going to continue shopping to the other stores. Coat, jacket???!!! No luck too! :(

The rest will be later this week. The weather is really getting so unbearable for me. So cold and needed to wear jacket, coat , jeans, boots or sweater to stay warm...