Friday, October 16, 2015

Why We're Making Our Own Furniture For The House This Year

Have you ever visited a friend’s house, and noticed that you recognise their furniture? It’s started happening to me a lot! Thanks to huge furniture stores like Ikea, everyone seems to have the exact same furniture in their home. It’s very hard to create a unique space any more. That’s why I’ve started thinking about making my own furniture for the house. Together with my husband, we think we’ve worked out a fantastic way to create a completely unique space. And we can guarantee that no-one else will have the same book shelves as us!

Tools and equipment - First of all, we need to get the right tools and equipment ready and lined up. Now, we’re a pretty handy family! We love getting stuck into DIY projects, and we’ve created a lot of the stuff in our home from scratch. Because of that, our toolbox is well kitted out, and we know how to spot the best material. We’ve already got our hands on some good quality timber, and plenty of high-end electric tools. We’ve also invested in Henkel PUR & hot melt glue. It’s specifically designed for furniture, and reduces the need for unsightly nails.

Safety notice - I should also point out that we have taken on a lot of home improvement projects in the past. We have plenty of safety experience, and we respect our limits as DIYers! There are certain things I would never attempt myself, but we know that furniture is within our ability. Right, let’s dive into our projects, shall we?


The first piece of furniture we’re making is a bookcase. It’s a nice, simple project to start with. The lines are straight and regular. We’ll simply saw six identical shelve units. Then two long side panels, followed by a wide back panel. When it comes to building a bookcase, it’s all about getting the measurements exactly right. There is no room for error, as each part must slot in beside the next. We’re using a dark, mahogany wood for this project, and it will place neatly in our living room.

Side table

A side table is another small, simple project that shouldn’t take us too long at all. We’re making these for the bedroom, as a bedside table. If the first one turns out nicely, we’ll make a second! The side table will prove a little trickier than the bookcase, because we want to give it some decorative detail. The edges will curve, and fade to a classy finish. We’re borrowing an electric sander and sculptor to get this curve just right.


If the previous two piece of furniture goes well, we plan to move onto a larger desk. Our office is in desperate need of a strong, sturdy table. However, this one won’t be easy! We plan to build in drawers, which are very intricate to build. There will be no room for error here whatsoever, and we’ll take everything we learned from the other two projects.

It’s a big task, but we feel like we’re ready for the challenge! Wish us luck!