Friday, October 16, 2015

What A Small World!

Indeed!!! What a small world... We had an associate who was very smart and went to one of the popular university in our state and had his master degree in education. 

Anyway, he worked in the store for 3 years. He did applied in the school areas but had no luck. He ended up teaching middle school but in a different state which is in Virginia. His family is in PA.

I didn't got a chance to worked with this associate but I was told how smart he was. Today, his mom was my customer and she was a very fine lady! I never expect that she was the mother of that "smart guy" he is teaching middle school and he is a science teacher.

His mom told me that her son is 34 years old and still single that she would tell her son about me. LOL! I was laughing hard when I found out that she was the mother of this person... What a small world. My friend who is the best buddy of this guy couldn't believe my luck when I told him about who I met today!