Friday, October 30, 2015

The Warning Signs That Mean You Need A New Roof

Because the weather is getting worse, it is time to start thinking about home improvements. One that I value above the rest is the roof. I have had problems in the past with the roof, and it was a nightmare! I cannot think of anything more destructive and time-consuming to my home than the roof letting in the wind and the rain. So, to make sure none of my readers have to go through the same things, I have put together a list of roof warning signs. If you can spot these, it means the roof needs replacing or immediate repairs.

Water Spots On The Ceiling
To be fair, water spots on the ceiling can mean a variety of things. However, they are not all good. In fact, in my experience, they are mainly bad. The worst one is that the roof is leaking. When roofs leak, it might not be enough to flood the house or to cause much visible damage. At first, the water trickles from the roof down the sides of the house. The water settles and starts to weaken the ceilings, which can lead to them collapse.

Light Through The Roof Boards
Any good roofing expert will tell you that light coming through the roof boards is not a good thing. Why? It is mainly because the roof has to be damaged in some way for the light to get through in the first place. Roofs should be as tight as a drum, so even light cannot pass through. When they do let light in, the odds are that the slates or the tiles are displaced. If the weather has been chipping away at the roof for a while, it could damage it beyond repair.

How old is your roof? Just like us humans, roofs age and get old. And, just like us humans, they also lose their effectiveness as they get older. To begin with, you might not spot a problem, which is why most homeowners I know leave the roof alone. In the end, this is a bad decision because the problems will start to occur all at once. My tip with roofs is always to be proactive. Once you wait until the problems occur, you will always be one step behind.

Roof shingles and valleys are two of the most important aspects of a roof. In basic terms, they divert the water away from the roof and down into the gutter or the drainpipe. So, when shingles are damaged, your house could be imminently hit by a massive flood. Valleys and shingles are hard to spot because you cannot see them from the ground if your house is high. The only way that I know to spot any damage is to get on the roof and have a good look. I know that it is dangerous and that a lot of people are scared of heights, so I encourage you to get someone else to do it!

Why put your life at unnecessary risk?