Thursday, October 15, 2015

Stayed At Home Dad

My husband is not alone in his status right now as a "stayed at home dad". :) Anyway, he is staying at home to watch the kids but he is still bringing the big bucks to our family. He filed for early retirement due to his back and knee pain. We waited fro 5 months before his pension started. 

We experienced a heavy load of financial problem. But now, we are heading to a bright start! We passed and survived the 5 months period. My husband just received his pension this month, first pension. As a wife, I also benefited to it. I am also eligible for monthly pension as well as the kids. :)

Since, we are just his family, we don't get that much as he is receiving. Though the amount is not really much for me and the kids, still it is a blessing from GOD! :) He is not happy for being at home but on the other hand, it is good for his back and knee!

Health is what matter the most.....