Thursday, October 8, 2015


It was a year ago when I decided to venture online. I thank the person whom now no longer my friend. :( Blamed her for that...  :) But, no matter what, I owe this online marketing discovery to her.

Anyway, I joined many revenue sharing programs and it always start out good but won't last for months. Some would only last for days where I couldn't get my "seed money" back. Capital stands for seed money in online marketing people. :)

On the other hand, as cautious as I am, I don't put big amount to any program. Lucky if I would put $20 as my initial seed money. I want to observe how the program goes first before I will put more into it. I felt bad for others who gave their "trust" 100% to the new program. Many lost big bucks!

Now, with this MPA revenue program, it has been online for 5 or 6 months which is not usual. The admin is so active, honest and 100% focus to his program and members. Today, I received my " pure profit" from the program. Sweet!!! :) Seed money was out already last month... :)