Friday, October 23, 2015

Lay Away Plan

I will  be shopping tomorrow for some advance Christmas gift for my family. I will be all by myself which is great! No daughter nor son with me and hubby who waits in the truck! How I wish I am driving already so that I don't need to be fetch up. I hope next year I will be fortunate to get a car and pass the road test.

I don't like bugging my husband about taking me here and there. Anyway, my main reason/purpose for tomorrow is to get a lay away plan of Nintendo DS 3D for my girl and a Nabi for my little boy. These two will cost $$$$ - Nintendo alone is $200 and the Nabi is $150.00- gift for my husband is not included yet!

My kids deserve to have the greatest gift anyway. My girl likes to play video games, she liked Super Mario. I may fully pay it next month or so... :) I am excited for my kids future gifts from me!!!! :)