Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Keeping On Top Of Home Improvements – How To Save Time, Money And Energy

Now that the weather is turning colder, it always feels like a good time to breathe new life into the home. I like to try and make a change every couple of months because a new season means a new style. For me, it is a great way of making sure the house doesn’t get boring and stale. However, because of the cost and the amount of time it takes, I hate completing jobs that are unnecessary. So, I have come up with some tips that can keep us all up to date with our homes, and what tasks need completing and when. Hopefully, they will save us all a lot of time, money and effort!

Write It Down

Once you have finished a job, write it down and store it in a safe place. Although the idea of forgetting might seem silly now, it won’t in a couple of months. Maybe it is just me, but it is amazing what we can forget in a short space of time. Making a note of all the home improvements you have done recently will make sure you don’t do it again. Or, at least it will make sure you don’t do it again in a short space of time.

Download An App

Does it come as a surprise that there is an app? A few years ago, it would have blown my mind. Now, I just assume there is an app for everything! And, you guessed it – there is an app for keeping track of your home improvements. The good people at Homebook Pro have managed to come up with a home maintenance management app that tracks everything from maintenance reminders to home improvement projects.

Leave Time Between Projects

Whether people get bored or they think it is a good idea I am not sure. But, from my point of view, there is no need to redo a project one month later. For example, once you have wallpapered the living room, don’t waste your energy wallpapering it again when the paste has had no time to settle. Before you start a home improvement project, ask yourself, does it need doing or am I picky?

Look For A New Project

There are certain home improvement tasks that we all love. Renovating and decorating are two of the most popular and conventional. But, there are others that we tend to forget about that are just as important. So, instead of doing the same old project, have a look around for tasks that haven’t been done in a while. If a lot of time has elapsed, the odds are that it needs doing as soon as possible.

Do It Right

One tip that never gets old is to do it right at the first time of asking. I don’t like to think about some of the times I have had to redo something because it wasn’t right. In the end, I had I was spent, and skint, because it took me longer than it should have because it didn’t treat it with respect.

Everyone needs to spruce up their home from time to time - you just want to make sure you are doing it out of necessity.