Friday, October 16, 2015

It's Getting Colder Everyday!!!

It's Fall season and won't be long winter is here.. I couldn't missed or pretend to forget when the 1st day of winter will be because it is when my birthday is.. I don't liked cold but isn't it so ironic that I was born in the 1st day of winter? Ha, ha!!!!

It sucks to go to outside because the weather is really cold now. Can't go out without wearing jacket. I missed summer where I can go out at any time I want without worrying getting or feeling cold outside or anywhere.

Indeed, because of this weather, we are using our portable electric heaters already where it will sky rocket our electric bill. Next week, we are going to start buying coal and start firing up our coal stove. The coal stove will save us some money rather than using the electric heaters to warm the rooms in the house.