Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Invisible Halloween Costume Not SAFE for Kids!

My kids are both ready for Halloween. My girl will be a "GHOST" again- she really likes her ghost costume wearing it 3 Halloween in a row.. ;) In my case, makes me happy because I don't have to spend a penny to get her a new costume. 

On the other hand, my little boy who's 3 years old loved Ninja Turtles. We got him a Leonardo Ninja turtle costume. He will be Leonardo this Halloween. Bought him a matching basket. 

By the way, when I was watching this program on TV last night, they should this so called "Invisible Halloween costume" which was all black, kids that wears it has a hard time breathing because of the mask with no holes for eyes to see nor holes for the mouth or nose to breath.

The big worries of wearing it, is that, kid is invisible to the car drivers as the costume is all black!!!

Some parents are buying this stupid costumes! Think first before putting your kids in danger. Company, manufacturer should have the common sense before releasing the product to the market...

Anyway, Halloween will be this Saturday- hoping that the weather will cooperate, won't get that too cold. And, of course, hoping for the kids to get a lot of candies from the neighborhood.