Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Parade At Port Matilda

The kids have to earn 500 something points to have the " Halloween Parade" possible which they did it! So tomorrow will be their parade around the block, not far from the school building. We attended last year when I wasn't working yet...

Tomorrow, I can't be there to watch my girl and the rest of the students in their Halloween costumes. But, my husband and little boy will be there to support our girl and to pick her up after the event.

Whenever they have programs, events in school, kids usually gets home early which I really liked. I loved my girl to be home early rather than to be stuck in the bus for an hour before getting home.

So, she maybe a ghost or a royal vampira whatever she prefer. Those costumes are not new though we looked around for Halloween costumes but she couldn't find one that she was interested of.

Hope no rain for tomorrow's event so that everyone can enjoy the parade: students and parents! :)