Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids On A Rainy Day

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All parents will know that rainy days present a particularly tricky challenge for you. When it rains, your kids are stuck inside. This means they’ll constantly be bugging you because they’re bored. Bored children are unhappy children, and no one wants that! So, I’ve written down three activities that are perfect for a rainy day: 

Read Stories

I’m going to kick things off with something that my mother used to do with me whenever I was bored. If your child is looking for some entertainment, read them a story! It’s simple and will take up time on those rainy days. It’s great because all you need is a book or your imagination. I’m sure your kids have a load of storybooks that they love. So, get them out and read them their favorite stories. Or, like I said, you can use your imagination and create a story. Come up with a magical fantasy that will have your kids hanging onto your every word. I always find that reading is an excellent activity to do with your kids. Mainly because it can be a calming influence on them. When they’re listening to stories, they tend to be more laid back. It calms them down and, if you’re lucky, sends them to sleep for a bit too!

Arts & Crafts
A wonderfully fun thing to do with your kids is to introduce them to the world of arts & crafts. There are so many cool things you can do with them. You could get the paint out and do some finger painting. Or, let them create their own masterpiece with the paintbrush. Alternatively, you could go down the more crafty route and create things. You and your children could build little models and creations. Perhaps buy some spray tec glue guns and other crafting tools to help you. In fact, you can even think about making things that have a purpose. Christmas is coming up, so why not create your own decorations with your kids. It’s a brilliant idea and will kill loads of time on a rainy day.

Play A Board Game

Nothing says old school family fun quite like a board game. When the rain is pouring, it’s the perfect way to pass the time. No doubt your family has a vast array of board games stashed away somewhere. It’s time you got them out and decided which one to play. Of course, it makes sense to let the kids choose. That way, they’ll pick something they like so won’t get bored and stop playing! But, if I had to recommend one, you can’t go wrong with Monopoly. It’s a timeless classic and fun for everyone. Your kids aren’t going to get bored during an intense Monopoly battle! Naturally, you don’t have to play Monopoly; any board game will do. Just make sure it’s fun and that your children know how to play it.

They next time it rains, try out one of these three activities with your kids. I can promise that they’ll be well entertained and less likely to pester you throughout the day!