Thursday, October 8, 2015

Design Ideas For A Beautiful Shared Bedroom For Your Kids

If you have a new addition on the way but don’t have the money to move house, you might be thinking about buddying up your older kids in one bedroom. If the idea of transforming one bedroom into a space for two children is stressing you out, don’t let it.

Thousands of children have a shared bedroom. As long as it is well-designed space that's suitable for both kids, it doesn’t matter. The key to creating an awesome shared bedroom for your kids is creative thinking, especially when it comes to the room’s setup.

To help you design the perfect shared bedroom, I have put together a few useful ideas, here:

Add a dividing wall

If you want to give each of your children their own privacy, adding a plyboard diving wall is a great idea. This is ideal if you have a boy and a girl sharing a room, as it gives each of them their own private area.

If you are unable to add a dividing wall - maybe you rent your home, you could always add a curtain instead. It may not be as sturdy, but a curtain can work just as well when it comes to giving each child their privacy.

Be smart about furniture

When you are trying to fit two children into one space, sometimes room can be tight. When it comes to choosing furniture for the room, especially beds, ensure that you make smart choices.

This means picking designs that will work well in a compact space because of their design or storage solutions.

Bunk beds or cabin beds often work well in shared bedrooms because they maximize floor space. If you want beds for your children that has lots of storage space underneath, upholstered platform beds could be ideal.

Keep the decor plain

Regardless of whether your children are the same gender or not, the best option for the decor is to keep it plain. That way, you aren’t favoring one child’s color choice over another, you are keeping things neutral.

While you might want to opt for white walls and furniture, you can use accessories to add bursts of color. The best accessories to use for this are rugs, lampshades, and pieces of wall art. Ask each child to choose a color that they love and find ways to combine the two colors to create a beautiful shared bedroom.

Mix and match

While you want to keep the main decor plain, adding accessories is a must, if you want to add style to the space. With the colors that your kids have chosen, look around for pieces that you could use. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, as this is one of the best ways to design an awesome shared space.

Mixing and matching prints and designs is easier if you are creating a bedroom for two girls. If you are creating a boys or boy-girl bedroom, you need to be a little more choosy with which prints you pick for the room. Just make sure that any designs you opt for are gender neutral.

Creating a shared bedroom doesn’t need to be difficult, all you need to do is get creative and think outside of the box.