Thursday, October 15, 2015

Days Off Are Always Fun!!!

I have been working since Tuesday until tomorrow. I have been busting my ass off for 8 hours every time I go to work, it's 5 days a week. I can't wait for Saturday since it is my DAY OFF, be back to work on Sunday and OFF again on MONDAY!!! :)

It was the most interesting question that I heard today. My co-worker was asked "How do you liked your work?" Of course, she was being polite and answered the person positively! LOL!!!

GOD know's it was not fun but for paycheck sake, we have to work and deal with idiots and stupid people at work! Some are nice but some are crazy annoying that really gets into my/our nerves.

This is life!!! We have to work either we like it or not to pay our own bills and buy our own foods... :)

We all looking forward to our days off! Those are the days were we are FREE and can relax but for me, I am not stopping. Whenever it is my day odd, I spend it with my family. I make sure we go somewhere as a family. So, I am still somewhere busy doing stuffs with my kids and husband. :)