Monday, October 19, 2015

Cash Balance and Repurchase Balance For Best Pack Numbers!

People may not understand what I am talking about the Repurchase balance and Cash balance. I am a member of this very progressive program online. Member since June. I had cashed out twice, seed money was out, safe already! What I am harvesting from this program is pure profit. I started with $120 and now it is growing!

When the program was still very young, I read from people's strategy about using their repurchase and cash balance buying packs. Now, that the program is 6 months old with over 2M payout, I am confident of trying the said strategy. I am loving it!!!m My packs are growing fast as well as my money! :) 

My goal is to get to even level 5 by December... It will really benefit me financially! The level will stop at 10 which really a challenge to everyone since each pack will cost $50.00, maximum packs will be 2000...  It is really an exciting program!!!! ;) 

A big thanks to our ADMIN...... You know who you are!!! :)