Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Best Friends Forever!!!

What is you definition of "best friend (s)?"  Commonly, BFF or best friend forever is only applicable to one person. But, I changed that! :) In my case, I have more than one BFF- Anyone that I liked or get along with, is my BFF! :)

Yesterday, I was asked by my co-worker if "Maria is my friend?" I replied " she is my BFF!" and you and this and this person. I told her that every person that I get along with is my BFF! :) She smiled for she was feeling grateful that I considered her as one of my BFF too! :)

LOL! I am making my own rule when it comes to "BFF" - it is hard to find someone that you can get along with especially in the workplace. I considered myself lucky to came across to those beautiful, open minded, funny and silly people at work liked ME! LOL!