Friday, October 23, 2015

Amarige de Givenchy Fake or Not?

Twelve or thirteen years ago when I had my very first Amarige de Givenchy Paris perfume.. It was from my ex-boyfriend who loved perfumes. I had Christian Dior and 2 different sets of Amarige de Givenchy. At first, I wasn't a big fan of it. The second bottle I had it with me for 12-13 years and now I am almost out of it. I started looking for it for many would asked me about what perfume I was wearing. And the fact that I loved the smell of it now. 

It was $98.00 at Kohl's online only. I looked at Macy's online, same price and available online only too! I searched, browsed only and came across to Fragrancenet website. The 3.3 oz of Givenchy was $60+ which I thought it was a bargain. It took a week for me to received it. I was devastated that the scent was not the same from my old Givenchy. I was planning of returning it but, when I searched for Fragrancenet reviews, I read a lot of negative and pain of getting money back.

I decided to just used the perfume up and would never buy from them again. Plus, when I read a review from Macy's, one person was liked me who expected that Givenchy was still the same. For her, Givenchy's priced went up but the quality went down, referring to the scent which is weak! I totally agreeing with her. I was disapppointed!!! :(

Therefore, on the other hand, I cannot confirmed if the one I bought from Fragrancenet is 100% fake or not. But, will never buy from them again.....