Tuesday, September 29, 2015

When is the Right Time to Consider a Care Home?

There comes a time in many people’s lives when they have to consider a care home. It isn’t something people like to think about; after all, you’ll need to leave the home you’ve been in for a long time, and it might feel like you’re leaving those memories behind. Whether you’re considering a care home for a relative that you’re caring for, or yourself, here we discuss the right time:

Eating Patterns and Self Care

If you notice that somebody you love isn’t making the effort to eat or take care of themselves, then it’s the right time to go to a home. The people here will do their best to take care of them and encourage them to eat. Keep an eye out, as sometimes they will simply hide meals so that their families don’t worry about them.


Falling over happens to the best of us, but if it’s becoming a common thing, staying in a home could be an idea. The worst thing that could happen is a fall when they are all alone. In a home, people will perform routine checks so it will never be long before help is called if needed. They can also call for help using devices in their room if they need it. There’s no need for them to struggle to get around!


Sometimes, taking medication is essential to keep illnesses under control. If they are forgetting to take their medication or they are resisting against it, it could be time for a good home. Aged care services know just how to handle situations like this and are able to keep their residents healthy.

Deterioration in Physical/Mental Health

A deterioration in physical/mental health is a sure sign that a care home is the next step. Sometimes, deterioration can happen over time, or it can happen really quickly. This is why you need to keep your eye out for changes so you can make a sensible decision.

Loss of Help Once Had

Elderly people can usually get by if they have the help of a spouse or loved one. However, if they lose the help they once had for whatever reason, a home could be the next logical step.


Many older people can feel isolated and depressed. If they live alone and don’t see family/friends anymore, depression can hit them hard. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of being isolated from the rest of the world. It’s even worse if they can’t go out and get around as well as they used to either. One solution is a home full of other residents and friendly staff to take care of them, take them out and keep them company.
You should know when it’s the right time for a care home. You know yourself/your relative better than anybody, so it could be time to make the move. Providing you do research on the most suitable place for you, you’ll be very happy at this stage in your life!