Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What A Day?!

Wow! Today was a mixed of boring, somewhat exciting but also a complicated day at work! From being a Sales Associate to Cashier... I definitely missed my freedom when I was on the Salesfloor. Being a cashier, I am told when to have my 15 minutes break and when is my one hour break which is the total opposite when I was on an Associate. I had all my freedom, I took my 15 minutes break whenever I felt too and took my lunch whenever I wanted too.

Plus, when it comes to training, they sucks!!! Today is my first day, served as a "shadow" and tomorrow will be my second day and I'll be on my own... Though, tomorrow, someone will be watching me just in case I'll make some mistakes which I am praying and looking forward for a smooth transactions.

I could not imagine myself doing this "cashier" position for a long time. Right now, I am allowing myself to be a cashier for a month and hopefully it won't be that hard to go back to the salesfloor.