Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Bomb Threat At Work

Today started as an ordinary day! I clocked in at 11:00 am and went to the HR office to do my CBL as I wasn't done with the whole assigned CBL tests yet! I spent an hour or a little bit more and left the office. I went to my department and did some worked. 

Went to the backroom, it was around 12:30 pm when one of the worker came and told me to evacuate the place for "EMERGENCY purpose"- I was puzzled, thought it was some kind of a drill but I left the area and proceeded to the location where she told me to go. As I was walking away, I saw the rest of the workers heading towards the door as well as the customers.

All employees stayed at the parking lot from 12:30 pm until 3:00 pm when the area was announced cleared!!! We sat outside where it was hot. No money as all our belongings were in our lockers. On the other side, I THANK GOD for making it "FALSE ALARM" - it was a call from someone who was out of his mind doing the threat. I thank all the managers and all the workers that made us all safe.