Saturday, July 25, 2015

How Physical Therapy Will Improve Your Health & Lifestyle

The stresses of daily life tend to take a toll on our bodies. Our muscles wear down over time, leaving us exhausted, and even in pain. Perhaps you’ve had a long struggle with aches in your back or neck. While working, we can strain our muscles and our body without realising. Even just working at a computer can cause troubling back pain. If you’re suffering from aches or pains, maybe physical therapy is the answer for you.

Physical therapy is used to treat athletes on a regular basis. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t readily available! It is most effective after an injury or accident. Physical therapy is then used to nurse a patient back to health. In some cases, it’s instrumental in helping crash victims walk again. So, if you’ve had an incident long ago, or if you’re struggling with chronic pain, try a round of physical therapy. Here are some of the steps you’ll take on the road to recovery.

Pain Relief

The most immediate and powerful benefit of physical therapy is the pain relief. Therapists take a unique and bespoke approach to your body. After all, everyone’s pain is different. Indeed, their bodies all work in varying ways! In some cases, all you’ll need are a few passive treatments. Examples included the use of heat and ice packs. Switching between the temperatures helps ease muscle pain. Therapists may also use electric nerve stimulation techniques (which isn’t as strange as it sounds!)


A big part of physical therapy is teaching the muscles how work effectively again. Stretching is essential here, and will also aid you with pain relief. Simple stretching exercises will add natural movement and length to your tight muscles. In the cases of accident victims, it takes a while for them to regain full muscle use. They must be eased back to full strength. If you suffer from a painful back or neck, stretching will help untie the knots and release tension. Your therapist will start with simple stretching before trying more complex yoga poses. Some have claimed that stretching exercises help them live longer!

Strengthening exercises

Once the muscles are loosened up and the tension is released, you can begin to rebuild that strength. This is where physical therapy comes into its own. They use a variety of techniques here. Some forms of yoga extend from stretching into strength building exercises. This may be your starting point. From here, therapists use swimming pools to help build your walking strength and posture. They may even introduce you to a few simple gym exercises.

Low-impact aerobic exercises

Lastly, they’ll begin to work the most important muscle of all, the heart. Aerobic exercises are the key to regaining fitness and stamina after long periods of inactivity. You’ll start with soft, gentle exercises. You’ll do a short swim or low-impact jog to get your body used to the motions. Soon, you’ll be pushing those speeds and swimming multiple lengths!

Physical therapy is the best way to inject life back into your body. If you’ve suffered an accident or battling with long-term pain, give it a try. It works wonders!