Thursday, June 18, 2015

Yard Sales Signs Are Everywhere

My favorite time of the year is SUMMER! Want to know why? :) Of course, the weather is very nice though sometimes it gets so hot but I really don't mind it. I grew up in Philippines where it is warm and hot all year round. :)

The other week, I saw "YARD SALES" signs everywhere. Indeed, one of our neighbor had their yard sale. Kids, hubby and I checked out their yardsales and I got some toys for the toys. Some books and did not even broke our piggy banks account. LOL!

Being a mother to two kids, I learnt how to become practical by checking out yardsales. It is one way of getting nice, excellent toys and clothes at a fraction of prices. Alos, I want my kids to get use of going to yardsale. There's really nothing wrong with it. Others trash is others treasures!

Those big signs always gets the most people. Big, bold and colorful yard sales always stands out!

Loved going to the yardsale, always makes me feel excited! :)