Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Undecided To Get A Daytime Job!

I must admit that financially we're unstable. On hubby's part, he have two things processings and waiting for approval. We have two kids age 7 years and 3 years old whom are both dependent to me. Our 7 years old go to school and really need me to wake her up every morning and get everything ready for her. Too young to be left to do on their own.

My husband can do some things but he could not take care the kids the way I do. So, my only option is the "online world" while kids are still very young. I don't stop looking for possibilities and opportunities online.

I am just not ready to leave the house and have a daytime job. I hope 2 years from now will be perfect where both kids will be going to school. Therefore, I can work 2nd shift which still give me time to take care of them like getting to school, making dinner and etc.