Friday, June 5, 2015

Awesome Ideas For Managing A House Move With Kids

If you have a house full of children then you know just how much time and energy it takes to keeping it tidy. Their bedrooms and playrooms tend to spill out into other areas and can quickly become a trip hazard. Trying to get your children to tidy up as they go is usually impossible. They have so many more important things to be getting on with! So how on earth do you pack up your entire home so you can move house?

Moving house with young children is tough both physically and emotionally. There are many families out there, like those who live in military apartments, who have to do this regularly. So what are their top tips for getting it done without tearing all your hair out? The trick is to take your time. Pack from the back. This means you need to make space in your garage or basement for all your packing boxes. Start packing the things that tend to dwell at the back of cupboards because they are rarely used. They won’t be missed by the kids. Starting here means you can also start to chuck out or gift away those things you really don’t need anymore.

Good crockery sets, seasonal clothing, and old toys should be among the first things packed. Whether you are renting or buying your next home, you won’t have space for everything. You may need to have a chat with the kids about giving up some old clothes and toys. They will be desperately upset about losing their precious items, even though they don’t remember them! The trick is to make it a positive experience. These things can make other kids really happy, and they’ll have space for all the new things coming next Christmas.

In the last few days leading up to the move, you should have whittled down the leftover packing to those things you can’t live without. A week of clothing each in a suitcase plus a wash bag is essential. Keep toys down to just five or six must-haves each, to include a book, bear, game, activity toy and comforter. The last of the food will be in the fridge, and the freezer should be empty. Keep a couple of pots, plates, cups, mugs and cutlery in an open box to see you through to the move. This will be the first box you open when you get there. A couple of toilet rolls will be essential too!

The move will be a big upheaval, but it can be managed in little chunks through the last month. You may have to clean the new house before you let the kids loose in there. You could find a play center for them to enjoy for a couple of hours while you or your partner get the worst of it cleaned. You may also need to clean your old house before turning in the keys, so the same could apply. A move may be upsetting for the children, so getting their rooms personalized quickly is a good idea. It can quickly turn into a positive experience when they get involved. Happy moving!