Monday, May 11, 2015

Health Benefits of Eating Java Plum

Growing up, eating java plum was one of my favorite and back then when medicine for diabetes was not created, grandma used to boiled some java plums leaves which I am not sure if it needs to be green or brown. She would drink the water, it has a bitter taste but it was good in lowering her blood sugar. Or she oftenly ate the fruit java plum!

Some java plum are really good when it is big, round, dark, juicy and sweet. This kind of fruit was very affordable back then. Had no idea how this fruit is being sell in the market and how much it cost. Anyway, there is more than one health benefit that you can get from eating this type of fruit. And the availability of this fruit is in Asia.

Here are the rest of the health benefits of this fruit:

*Indian Blackberry is good for the Heart Health-It’s a good anti-oxidant fruit rich in Vitamin C, magnesium and Vitamin A. These nutrients are excellent for promoting heart health. Also, potassium in Java plum regulates healthy blood pressure levels.
*Anti-Cancer Fruit- Conventional anti-oxidant compounds and some anti-oxidant phytonutrients are responsible for making Indian blackberry a great fruit for preventing oxidative stress of cells. Therefore, it’s a good natural medicine to prevent cancer.

*Treatment of Diabetes- The flesh and the seeds- both are used to treat diabetes. It is a very useful fruit for reducing blood sugar levels and glucose level in urine.
*Astringent Benefits- Its strong astringent properties make it good food for skin. Eating Indian blackberry can make skin radiant and healthy. Also, the extract of the bark and leaves of the Indian blackberry tree gums and oral health.

*Prevents Liver problem- The phytonutrients in Indian blackberry plays major role in the prevention of liver disease and liver damage.
*Good for the Asthma- The extract of the Indian Blackberry tree bark is used to relieve the problems of asthma.

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