Saturday, July 25, 2015

Understanding How Forex Trading Works!

Before I saw my firend's post on Facebook, I was already been gathering information about legit places that does Forex Trading. In USA, I found the 3 top places but to start, must have $200+ to study their system and etc. which right now, is impossible. Then after that, to start trading will start at $24 and so on...

I also came across to this place online which is operating legally for many years now. The thing that I don't really like is the length of time to get the ROI which can take up to 100 days. I don't have that much patience. Plus, the interest is only 50%.

Earlier, I saw my friend's post and to my surprised, she is doign Forex Trading. I got interested and asked her information about it. She was so nice enough to gave me everything to start. The demo for this one is FREE which is really the one that I needed. Plus, there is a $50,000 funds for me to try trading. Though if I win, I won't get anything from it. It is virtual and only to use to practice trading onlin and get  a feel to it.

I have the information. Next thing is to enroll myself in online course and things will follow.. I am interested in this kind of field though. Wish em luck!!! :)