Sunday, April 5, 2015

Pay No Attention To Haters!

Pay No Attention To Haters! That is what I read yesterday from my FB newsfeed. I saw a post from an acquintance about someone was bashing her by saying bad things! Majority of the people that commented to her thread was saying " pay no attention to your hater (s)" which I agree. 

But, sometimes if you have access to talk to your hater straight, it will help to straight things out. And sometimes, simply let it go and yes, pay no attention. This is depending on how bad this hater is saying things about you as a person. 

It is really impossible to live in a world were haters does not exist. Just sad that, there are people who are insecure and does not care harming other people's dignity and reputation. These are people who are constantly like to cause trouble. Please get a life!