Monday, April 13, 2015

New Jersey Adventure Aquarium


Photo Credit from Adventure Aquarium

Dakosaurus is part of an extinct family of crocodile that were was adapted for ocean living. The shape of its skull and size of its teeth and shape of its teeth (serrated and flattened from side to side) suggests it consumed prey similar to modern-day killer whales. A carnivore, Dakosaurus spent the majority of its life out at sea, it fed on large prey items including large fish and even other marine reptiles. 

Cool Facts:
    • Thanks to its size and increble jaw muscles that ensured a powerful bite, Dakosaurus was an apex predator, also known as an "alpha" predator, with no natural predators of its own, putting it right at the top of its food chain. 
    • Dakosaurus had body form adapted for a marine lifestyle. It's streamlined body gave it greater hydrodynamic efficiency, which along with its finned tail made it a more efficient swimmer than modern crocodilian species.
    • With its short, tall snout and massive size Dakosaurus earned the nickname "Godzilla" in early press reports about its description.

I got interested about this aquarium because they have Dinosuars that both my kids will love to see especially my little one who is a big fan of dinosaurs!

This summer will definitely be coming to New Jersey! I have a cousin who lived in New Jersey and never got the chance to see him and his family since they got to lived in New Jersey!