Monday, April 13, 2015

Do You Believe in Wishing Well?

When we went to Altoona Gourment Buffet in Friday, I was very surprised that this restaurant have a big wishing well with turtles in it. From what I knew, Chinese people does not liked "TURTLES" because they are too slow! I guessed who ever the owner of the business is breaking that belief which he had proven that turtles are not bad luck but they bring good luck in business.

My beautiful family... :)

When we went there, so many people were dining. It was our first time and I really liked it there. The foods were scrumptious, price is very affordable and they have sushi. Also, they have a chef where you can request any food to cook.

That was a very nice experienced! The wishing well, we made our wishes! Our girl could not resist it though for me, that kind of thing does not worked. I had tried it before! :)

I had quarter and exchanged it for pennies. Hubby, me, our girl and our son, we all had our share in that wishign well. I hope and pray that, whatever they wished will come true! :)