Tuesday, March 31, 2015

VA Disability Increase

VA Disability Increase.. Yes, my husband is working hard right now to get some increase in his VA benefits. He has appointments coming up this Thursday and more later. He has been experiencing body pain especially on his back. His job as a autobody repair man is very hard on his body. Lifting car parts, crawling under the car that he was fixing, bending, walking here and there are becoming too much to his body.

He was been in the military service for 10 years or more. He was discharged due to the accident and that caused his knee big time! He has ben taking pills to lessen the pain in his bad knee. His monthly benefit from the VA is not big. And it has been in that amount for many years.

He found out that he could request for some increase but he needs to be evaluated first to qualify. That's why numerous appointments are needed. He will have his X-ray and etc.