Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Porch Paint is Coming Off!

I am unhappy here to see the paint coming off on our front porch. I knew anyway that when we painted the porch, the weather that day was not good. I blamed my husband on it because he started the painting knowing that it was gloomy that day. I helped him out in painting the porch because it is quite a big porch and painting is not an easy job!

It took two full days to complete the work. First, we applied the primer and it did rain later that day which did nto gave much time for the primer to get dried inside and outside. The next day was the paint. Again, the weather was not cooperating. After finishing the whole porch, it rained again. 

I knew that it would not last. Now, it is winter and the proch starting to look ugly again because of the paint coming off. I am glad that the stairways are not as bad as the porch. But still, will redo the painting and the primer application this summer as it needs to be done...