Saturday, January 17, 2015

No Rhino Riding For Us!

LOL! On our way home from the grocery store, my husband said something going on a Rhino ride because it will go up to 40's and I was happy to said "Y-E-S!" without clearly hearing the day.. I thought it would be today. It has been ages since we last took our rhino for a ride.

This afternoon, I told the kids to get ready because we are going for an adventure. Hubby just got up from his shorty, short nap. He said no, we are not going today.. LOL! I meant tomorrow as it will go up to 40's. Geez!

Today, it was really cold but still life must go on. Weather can't stop us or anybody since there are proper wear to combat the cold. We still left early for our grocery shopping this morning.

Oh well, can't wait for tomorrow's adventure! :)