Monday, January 5, 2015

Flu Season is not Fun!

It was Christmas eve when our girl started feelign funny! She started feeling the chill. I thought it was from givign her a bathed. Though she was not feeling well but still went with us to go out for dinner. While in the car, her chill was progressing. It worries me for it was unusual. She was dressed up warmed for the weather.

After we ate and got home and gave her some medicine. The next day, she had cough, she had cold and slight fever and feeling tired. Those were sign of "flu"- she finally feeling better but her little brother was next, then, hubby and now, me! :(

It really get us all which is not fun! I hate when any of us get sick but living in a state where 4 seasons exist, flu season is expected and getting flu is unevitable though some get their flu shots. There is not guarantee still of bot getting a flu when you have a flu shot.

I really had a bad cold and now, at least, it is not that very bad anymore where I could breath comfortably by taking my meds every 3-4 hours. I hate taking meds but it helps me a lot and I eat oranges and drink more water as well as my kids giving them more fruits and water. :)