Monday, August 11, 2014

Youtube to the Rescue for #LoomBandz Bracelet

Our girl had turned 7 years old in July 31st adn of course, expect the gifts and etc. to make her day special. My hubby went to the store to buy gifts for her and although she did not asked for LOOM BANDZ but hubby knew it was in these days for kids. He got her one and she wants me to make her bracelet from her loom bandz. 

I turned to Youtueb for helped and it was really cool! After that, I made under 10 bracelets, made her a ring and a bouncy ball too. :) Now, since we watched it on Youtube, my girl is making her own bracelet and made a necklace for her Pug which is so cute! I really thank those people who loves to share their ideas and knowledge in public by sharing their videos!