Friday, May 2, 2014

Thanks to My Husband for Dealing to our Internet Problem!

I am fortunate that I married a person who is "SMART" yes, that is my husband and my "HANDYMAN" as well. He is such a big help and we save a lot of money because of him. He knew how to fixed things around the house that most of the husbands does not know. He don't need to go to school and educate himself. He is a fast learner which I am very lucky to have him and very smart. :)

Anyway, we are so opposite because I easily get scared in touching or operating things as I always think of what if I will break this and that? But my husband is not a scary cat... LOL! Every time our internet lost, he won't call our provider right away, he would checked the computer, the wirings, the phone to which majority of the time solved the problem and brought the connnection back. What is funny about this, is that, I used the computer everyday while he don't!

A couple days ago, our connection was lost and he was been dealing with it for a couple of night too. I was glad that he did not gave up until it was fixed. He was worried about me because I go to our neighbor's house to used their internet. It's  not fun at all. Now, I am one happy wife that I could use my computer in the comfort of our home... Thanks my love :)