Sunday, December 15, 2013

We Need A Christmas Stocking For Our Another Baby

Yesterday when we went to the store to buy our groceries, we also went to the other section to buy holiday stocking for each of us. We got four for $1.98 each. One for hubby, for me and one for our girl and one for our little man.

We got home, our girl put our names on each stockings, and since the letters would not stay on the stocking, she gave up, I took over and thought that a packaging tape will hold the letters. It did work and hubby's turn to put them on the wall using the tacks.

Now, we have four stockings but our girl said, she wants to make it five, the fifth stocking will be for our puppy dog  named "Pochi"- I was glad I bought those small stockings at the Dollar store last year and there was Red. We are going to put Pochi's name on it, will do the work sometime tloday. She's our third baby.