Monday, December 9, 2013

The Family Christmas Tree is Finally Up

I am not sure if we are too late putting up our Christmas tree or not. All I know is that, Christmas is still not here. Yesterday was a lousy day not until we decided to bring our Christmas tree down from the attic. My husband climbed up and hand me down the big black bag where we had our tree hidden.

He did put the tree up, it was his job and he ask me if I was going to decorate the tree? At first, I said no because I want to go to the store and buy new ornaments for the tree. My husband think tha\t it was just a waste of money since our ornaments are still all good.

Our daughter heard us and volunteered to go get the ornaments. It ended as a big disaster because the plastic bag was gave in. I had to go where she was and helped. Over all, we ended having the fun putting the ornaments and I changed my mind, I will not buy more ornaments this year! Thanks to my husband, I able to saved my money. :)