Friday, September 13, 2013

Two Ladies Are Interested For Pochi

Yesterday, somebody called on the phone. Simply I did not picked up the phone to answered it as I don't recognized the number. Until she left a message. She was talking about our dog. I thought the same lady that called to us the other night. 

Pochi and her mommy!

Hubby came home from worked and played the message. He found out that it was from a different lady, from a different potential buyer. My husband asked me for my final decision about our dog. I am willing to sell the dog but I just can't afford to hurt our daughter's feeling. 

I knew that her loved to her dog is real. She is too young to handle all the responsibilities. So, I said "no, we are keeping the dog, let give it another try!" My husband called the two ladies telling them that, we are keeping our pug and if things won't work out, he is going to call them again. I hope things will work out this time.