Friday, August 2, 2013

Zoom Rocketz as a Birthday Gift!

Zoom Rocketz

In Wednesday was our daugter's 6th birthday. She thought that she would not received any gifts from us (mom and dad)- that day, she kept bugging me about her presents. I told her that, what if we don't have any? She replied "it's my birthday and presents are what makes my birthday exciting!" - Lol!!! She is really funny! 

Hubby, initially bought her two cratridges for her Mobigo which I already wrapped up. She saw and she wants more. I was glad hubby was so smart enough to bought her more presents.

He went to the cake store that afternoon to picked up our daughter's birthday cake. He also went to the other store to get her more gifts. One of the coolest gift was this "ZOOM ROCKETZ" that could blast off up to 150 feet high. The kids had the fun playing it.