Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Poker Run

Hubby was kept telling us that he is going to load up the Yamaha Rhino and he is going to take us to "stripping" as it is called by every one. It is far from where we live. I never been there and the kids. Every time, we want to go for a Rhino ride, we simply go to the neighbors wooded area, up in the mountain. It is private but we are allowed to rip their ground. LOL! (joke!)

It was this past Sunday when he decided to take us to the poker run. He wants to show us the tracks after tracks. Yes, there are so many long tracks where you can easily get lose if you are not familiar with the said place. I was glad that none of the kids were whining and complaining about the traveling time. Yet, they liked it. Too bad, we got there a bit late. 

We want to stay longer but it started to rain so we packed up and loaded the Yamaha Rhino at the back of the truck and went home. Hubby said, we are going to go back there often to familiarize more trails and tracks to enjoy. He has been there long time ago. He noticed a lot of new trails. That was a our family time and we had the fun!