Thursday, June 20, 2013

Birthday Plans

Oh, time really flies so fast! I could not believed that my baby boy will be turning one next week. Now, I am already thinking of what to prepare on his first birthday. So far, I am going to cook fried chicken, cook spaghetti for life longevity, order a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, make Maja Blanca as another dessert.

And still thinking of what to add in my list. I want to make his birthday so special. GOD granted  our wished to have a baby boy. He is so precious and so adorable. He really made our family so complete!  I knew it will be costly but it will be all worth spending. Too bad, one of my sister-in-law cannot come on his birthday. She has important thing that has already booked. She will come the next day or so and will bring her gift for our little boy.