Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pochi Got Ticks

Our over two month old baby pug Pochi the puppy got ticks. We did not noticed it until my husband's sister got a hold of her. She was petting her and felt some bumps on Pochi. When she look at it closely, those were ticks! Two ticks, poor Pochi. We are not sure were she got those ticks. It might be in our yard or at my sister-in-law's camp that day.

It was late Saturday when my SIL found out the ticks on Pochi. Hubby, told me to make a vet. appointment but when we got home, he tried to pulled the ticks on his own using the puller. It was very difficult as Pochi kept  moving. Anyway, it was a big relieved when hubby finally pulled the two ticks out on Pochi.