Friday, May 31, 2013

Donating Our Unused Clothes To Salvation Army!

I have been here for six years already but never been to any salvation army in the area. Back then, I only have the one child. I buy and sell on eBay. Any unused clothes I sell them on eBay. Now, I have the two kids. 

I am not active in selling clothes on eBay as I used to before. My schedule has changed drastically. Our four month old baby grows so fast. He outgrew his clothes very fast. We do not have any space for storing the unused clothes, shoes and toys.

Last Saturday, I was in the mood of packing up all the unused clothes, shoes and kids toys. I could not believed that I filled up three big garbage bags. And, I am still not done. I asked my hubby to search for any salvation army that is close to the area. He found one. I thought that we can go there tomorrow to donate all the stuffs but there are important things that were delivered today. 

Therefore, I knew that we could not go to the salvation army. Anyway, it is fine because I still have more things that need to put in the bags. It is okay to donate the unused items since it is tax deductible.