Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Great Deal on Athletic Shorts

I was chatting to my sister on the net a week ago, when she brought up the topic about athletic shorts. She told me that she was been looking all over the place that she knew but unfortunately, she could not find any athletic shorts. We talked about different brand names and I was on eBay and other online stores looking for athletic shorts and sending her the photos that she might liked.

Since, I don;t have the budget yet for package fee, we agreed that she has to wait until early next year and I will buy the shorts that she likes. When I went to Walmart lasts Saturday, I went to checked out the children section for any clearance, sure enough, I saw some. There was a rack that says "for a $1.00" it was all shorts and they had athletic shorts. I grabbed three (3) shorts as shown in the photos.

Still, I will buy the shorts that my baby sister likes the very first time. I just could not resist the $1.00 great deal. She has the choice of either wearing the shorts at home or wear them when she play badminton with her office mates. That was the sole reason why she was looking for athletic shorts because they are going to start practicing again early next year, practice playing and mastering the sport badminton for the upcoming tournament...