Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cheap Eyeglasses

My husband wears a prescription eyeglasses though he can still see things even without his eyeglasses but his vision is way better if he has his eyeglasses. We went to Sears to had his both eyes checked and he ordered a new eyeglasses. I believed he paid $250.00 something. Two years passed by, he noticed scratches on the lens. 

Lasts week, he had his Doctor's appointment in VA, he asked his doctor if he could avail a free eye exam. Yes, they do it there and he has his eye exam on next month. He had no idea yet if the eyeglasses will be free or if only the eye exam is free. He will find out during  his appointment. We need a place that sells cheap eyeglasses just in case the VA won't cover the free eyeglasses for him.