Monday, August 20, 2012

The Family was Sick!

I could not believed that we all got sick. It all started from our daughter after she attended the three (3) days Kindergarten camp. Hubby thought, she caught a virus from the school. She got sick first then hubby, our six month old baby and me.

It lasted for two weeks for the three of them whiles it took almost a month for me to get better. It was very hard. I took care of the two kids plus I have all the chores even I was sick. Hubby did the same thing. Did his normal routine, goes to work, came home and do something around the house that he needs to do.

There was no extra help. We need to rest, relax as we were sick but there was nobody whom we can ran into. I am glad that we are all well now and the kids are all better. I don't want to be sick again as well as my whole family. Health is wealth. And, must be aware of our environment. Viruses are lurking everywhere and dangerous.