Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hello Monday!

Ever since, I dreaded Monday. I don't like to wake up early as a student back then and even as a worker. I want to manage my own time. Go to bed when I want at anytime and wake up at anytime. But, it is impossible. I cannot afford to live a lifestyle likes that. 

When I got married, hubby goes to work, and he would not care waking me up early.He would teased me by calling me a "sleepy head" because I like getting up late. I became a mother of two and our daughter goes to Kindergarten now. I do all the preparation. I left no choice but to securely alarms the clock to 6a.m. for me to get up. My morning routine drastically change and in the stage of getting use to it.

Tomorrow is Monday though I don't like to get up early but must have to do it for our student. How I wish, it is always Saturday and Sunday..